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About Linxx

Where should I start?

I guess I will skim over the beginning and start from the point which lead me to arrive at where I am today (sounds good right?).

I was born and raised in Peckham South-East London. I spent my younger days playing out getting into trouble (as you do) around the streets of the Tustin Estate, Old Kent Road.

Back then my nick name was Pixx (Pickles) which I was dubbed by friends (Fly) for the difficult and binding situations I often would get us into.

Back then I hated the name but it soon stuck and I could do very little to stop people calling me it.

I grew up around the likes of Wong, Digital Dan, Geddon, Jam, Beezy and R-Type (in later years) who have remained lifelong friends in and outside of music. It was through Wong how I later met Striver, Boya, Darq E Freaker, Sas Killa, Likkle P (Nu Brand Flexxx) who I frequently toured, wrote, shot videos and produced music with.

I have always been interested in music but lacked the confidence to perform it openly so for a long time I choose to be in the background writing or producing for & with others.

I use music to vent, I always have, it used to be I would write something down and leave it at that, but this changed in 2004 when I sadly lost my step father, but before he left he told me to pursue my dreams, and face my fears and as time went on I guess I became more confident and started vocalising it.

As most do I became part of a collective known as Lo Down Fam, which comprised of myself, D-Man, R-Type, Terra & M2S.


R-Type & I would feature heavily on Radio Sets by DJ Chrissy-T on React Fam and it was through radio people first really got to hear me and I was just fortunate in the sense people actually like to listen to what I had to say and the way I was saying it.

So here I am, music (which is just one of my many passions) 8 cd's, 2 albums and more projects in the pipe line later.

To wrap up i'll say I enjoy working with new and talented people and I am very approachable so if you feel like working with me don't feel put off from approaching me, I have realised many in music get to a certain point and feel they no longer should work with certain people or do certain things unless it is financially viable I on the other hand am very humble and 9 times out of 10 do it just for the enjoyment of it.

Thank you for reading.

Linxx (Pixx)


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