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Life Is Emotional (L.I.E.)

just 4 u (2009)

my last open letter / in lovin memory (2017)

"Be strong but smart those are words you chose to say to me

I guess I'm still upset because you left and had so much to teach"


- Linxx

   Life Is Emotional (2014)

On Stage
Tustin Estate, Old Kent Road
Tustin Estate, Old Kent Road
Sunset on the Thames
reanimation ep (2019)

Reanimation EP 2019.

6Original tracks produced by the likes of Strazdine, Thomas Crager, PDub, DJ Kid Blast & Raisi.K. All songs written and performed by Linxx. Reanimation is available for download and streaming on all major sites including, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Music, Apple Music, Tidal, YouTube Music, Shazam + More


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