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My Last Project!

Yes your eyes do not deceive you iamlinxx: The Final Chapter is to be my last project then no more I will be putting the pen down. You may here me feature on other artists projects but this will be the last solo project you hear from me. This leads to the obvious question I have been asked which is: "why or Why This Project?"

Well I started this project back in 2019, I forget what I had just released (I think it was Gen) but I immediately went into writing and recording this album, but at the time I was studying, in the process of saving for a house and trying to support my family and those around me with their mental health at the time.

I realised I was doing too much and decided to park this album to focus on the things that really mattered to me, so I did and to be honest forgot all about this project.

Now I have completed all those things I stumbled across one of the tracks and was liek "hmmm this sounds good" and so did the next track and the next track so I decided to finish it, but I also realised that I feel like I have said and shared almost everything I have wanted to do through my music.

I feel like I have accomplished all that I set out to and more through my music and this just feels like the right project to bow out on.

So what will I do now?

The plan is to live, go travelling and see the world , experiance new things and things that I like doing and hopfully do that with those closest to me who I love and care about and just spend more time with them and focusing on myself.

Thank you

I would liek to take this opportunity to thank you if you are reading this, it means you are probably one of the few who have supported me over the years along this journey and that support and love has been unreal.

I have made so many friends and memories because of music and I will carry them and you with me always so thank you. I have so many albums and songs here that you will probably never get to hear (who knows I may release them in their current form as is one day) but that is what I mean when I say I want to do other things other than just writing and recording.

iamlinxx: The Final Chapter will be released on 13th January (my birthday) 2024 on all major streaming platforms, please suppport it. It maybe followed by an EP containing the songs that I didnt finish in time for this album or that I had to pull off the album because I had too many that sounded similar but I will update you on that. Anything you want off my website which is free download grab it now while you can as I am not sure how long this website will remain active. With that said take care of one another and more importantly take care of yourself. Epic Lincoln out!


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