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Making Mischief (EP) OUT 222.05.22!

"When are you doing another Grime project?", "Why don't you do Grime anymore?", "I prefer your Grime stuff", "Can you do another Grime CD?" Are just some of the questions I have been getting asked by friends over the last few years. Well here it is! Making Mischief is on its way. 7 tracks all produced by the refix champion Boss Mischief and featuring the talented R-Type. The project is due for release on the 22.05.22 (subject to change you know how these things go). Save that date, share this blog, tell your friends, enjoy and let me know what you think. Project art work and track listings can be found below the poster.

Making Mischief Poster

Track listings: 1. The Entrance.

2. New Flame, New Wave featuring R-Type.

3. Are You Sure?

4. Tropical Juice (Remix).

5. Into You.

6. My 3rd Dimension.

7. Be Yours.

Front Cover

Back Cover


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