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Where the hell have I been?

Well incase anyone is reading this I hope you are all well and managed to survive the manic year that was 2020. Fear not I know I have been missing for the longest and to be honest you probably expected to hear more from me whilst the planet was on lockdown however I was still working throughout COVID and studying and revising. With my exams now winding down however I can get back to focusing on other things like music. So if you are a fan you will be happy to hear that I did continue writing throughout 2020 (if you are not a fan then....why...are you reading this? no seriously get help, stop torturing yourself okay) and I have 3 projects finished two of which I hope to release at some point the latter part this year (2021), the names of which I will announce soon. I dropped a new typography video I will paste the link below (this does not feature on any projects it was just a thing I did) and yeah that is it for now really. I will try do more video blogs going forward in the coming months but its tricky as you invest all your time into this and never know if anyone is actually reading it.

Before I got a BIG MASSIVE super thank you to everyone that has supported Linxx Reanimation (art work above) it has been doing really well on all streaming platforms and if you haven't yet please go check it out. Stay safe and see you soon! Linxx

Linxx Tyler Herro [Typography Video]


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