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Waltz Album Reviews

Okay so when I was writing The Proclamation (10 years ago wow time flies) my mate Shaun who I used to work with had the pleasure of hearing a lot of the material before I ever recorded it and he decided one day to write a review about the album or at least his interpretation of what he thought my album would/ should like (even though it wasnt out yet) and I found it hilarious and had to share it, this is that review.

Interesting fact Waltz is the inspiration behind the song 'Splendid' off The Proclamation Promo and was originally meant to feature on it as it is/ was one of his catchphrases



-----Original Message----- From: Shaun Waltz Sent: 06 August 2007 09:41 To: Linxx Subject: The Proclamation

Waltz Album Reviews

Album: The Proclamation

Artist: Pixx


If your life is full of drunken attempts to pull birds who wear fake tan, then fresh street grunge artist "PIXX" and friends provide the perfect soundtrack.

Even if you're not forever downloading the latest ringtones and sinking 8 pints of wife-beater on a Friday night you won't be able to avoid smiling at his wry observations on great British life.

Pixx 's debut album isn't groundbreaking - he frequently rely's on simplistic repetition. But some of the tracks here do deserve the hype.

"Suck my Long Slong", "Butter up for Love" and "Cant cum till im numb" are all winners. The latter sums up the Pixx perfectly.

Pixx hurls out his lyrics about small town England to a background of raucous riffs and ska influenced jangly jungle beats..

The youth of today might have found there new hero, but the bemused rest of us might be left wondering what all the fuss is about.

Reviewer: Shaun Walters

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